In The New Year

Altough it’s kinda late, I wanna say
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! \(^o^)/

Bubye 2011 and welcome 2012!! Hehehe ^^

In Japan, there are few traditions that people usually do to celebrate oshougatsu (お正月) or new year.

For examples: cleaning their house, pounding mochi or rice cakes, eating toshikoshi soba (年越し蕎麦) or New Year’s Soba, hatsumode (初詣), and writing nengajou (年賀状) or New Year Postcard. ^^

Although Japan was known as one of the most ‘hi-tech’ country, they still preserve their tradition of using postcards. Since it’s one of Japan’s culture, I was taught how to write one in my school. 😀

It’s nice 😀 I decided to send it to my senseis and my friends, including Ryu 😀 And suddenly today I received a reply for my nengajou from Ryu and Uchida sensei, one of my sensei ^^ I was so happy XD


The one with the photograph is from Uchida sensei, while the other is from Ryu \(^//w//^)/

I also try hatsumode but I’ll write it on a different post 😉

Well.. I hope next year will be as fun as this year 😀 Happy new year all~!


Sincerely, Bena nDR 😀


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