Easy Breezy

Hmmm.. I really don’t understand..

Ever since I moved to Japan, people tend to think that I’m not Indonesian.. They always ask me if I’m Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.. I think my face is not Japanese/Chinese/Korean… =__=a

Few friends that saw my pictures on my Facebook says the same thing too.. “You look like Japanese now..” >_< Gaaahhh…

And to make thing worse.. My hair suddenly starts to straighten now.. ;__; Some says it’s because of the cold weather (it’s almost winter here).. And some says it’s because it’s less humidity in Japan then

in Indonesia.. I don’t know which one is right.. But still.. My hair is straighten now.. TTATT Uhiks..


Ah well.. I guess enough ranting for now.. >_< Must sleep.. Tomorrow I’m having morning class.. πŸ˜€
Good night all XD




Sincerely ,

Bena nDR

PS: I wonder why but I have more foreign friends than Indonesian friends here in Japan ^^a Kinda weird since Indonesian people here tend to keep together with Indonesian people.. But I guess it’s no problem for me πŸ˜€ Tee-hee! XD


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