It’s My Life

23 old n new things about me.. 🙂

1. I love the number 23 . I born in the date of 23. And my name has 23 letter. ;3

2. I love to eat! I even dreamed to have a culinary tour around the world! XD

3. I’m an O type person who afraid of blood. :p

4. I hate bugs (except caterpillar), dentist, and syringe. >___<|||

5. I love Japan so much and dreamed to go there since kid!!! And now I’m lving in Japan! Hurrayy!! XD

6. I love to bake cakes but seldom eat it.

7. I love to speak in English although my English is not that good. :p

8. A narcissist type of girl. ;p

9. I love to play games. I even think life as a game but with no reset button ;3

10. I love to travel a lot! Especially to places where I can have a slow walk and sightseeing around. :)

11. Want to have 4 kids, with twins in it :p

12. I love to dance and sing although I’m not that good on both of it. :p

13. I loooovvveeee to do sports. X3

14.  I love pink and purple color :p U can see it clearly by seeing all my stuffs. :p

15. I love princesses stuffs \(>//w//<)/

16. I love dragons and other mythical stuffs. I even try to learn elvish words. X3

17. I’m definitely not a morning person. (+__+)/

18. I love to daydream. I can sit all day staring at the sky listening to my mp3 player without doing anything. (=w=)

19. I LOVE cats! I even have 10 cats. Or even more.. I forgot.. (=w=)a

20. I love to draw. Although it’s not that good XD

21. I want to learn and speak 7 languages! Including Indonesian (my mother tongue), English, Japanese, France, Korean, Mandarin, and German. :3

22. I love to make DIY (Do It Yourself) stuffs. :) Including crochet, charm bracelet, necklace, etc. ;)

23. I’m a Sagittarian! And proud to be one. XD And last 23rd of November was my birthday. So now I’m 26 😉


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