Make My Day

Wuohoooo!!! I was so happy tonight after I read a comment in a comment on one of my posted comic on (it’s a web for Indonesian comic) 😀 The comment is like this:

“wah ini komik ente toh biggrin

sharing dikit.. dulu ada kakak kelas sy nembak temen saya pake komik ini hahah, jadi komik ini di print gitu, tapi nama karakternyanya di tip ex jadi nama kakak kelas & tmen saya (dan pas diterawang, keliatan banget ini karya orang lain. nah, saya penasaran banget ini komik buatan siapa). tapi cuma sampe halaman 17 sih

saya merasa beruntung bisa bertemu author komik ini XD

and nice comic! dari dulu saya udah mau bicara gini, sejak sy prtama kali bc ini biggrin

<translate: “Wah, so this is your comic 😀 Just want to share.. Once my senior confess he/her feeling using this comic. hahah. This comic was printed, then the name of the character was changed into my senior’s name and my friend’s name (and when I look carefully, it so obvious that this is other’s comic. I was curious about who is the author of this comic). but only until the 17th page.

I feel so lucky I can meet the author of this comic XD

And nice comic! I always want to say this, since th first time I read this :D”>

Seriously, when I read that, I was so embarrassed. But in the other hand, I was also happy. (Hey, someone used your comic to confess to someone doesn’t happen everyday, right? :p) And yeah, that made my day 😀

That’s all for now.. Jya~ne!


Bena nDR

PS: here’s the link to the comic


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