Huwooo.. It’s been a long time not writing in this blog. 😀 A lot to say and a lot to tell 😀 Tehehe 😀

First of all, I just want to say HAPPY EID MUBARAK to everyone who celebrates it 😀 It’s been a chaos Eid Mubarak in Indonesia, since there’s a lot of difference opinion about when is the 1st day of Syawal. ^^;; Well, me and my family decides to choose 31st of August 2011 as the 1st day of Syawal. 😀 Hehehe..

This year’s Eid Mubarak celebration is kind of different than before.. Why? It’s our first time having an Eid Mubarak celebration without my grandma from my mother’s side. Just like I’ve write before, she died last year. On the same day like my 25th birthday. :’) It’s kinda sad, but thank God, we can handle it. :’) Ehehe..Besides having an Eid Mubarak celebration, there’s another ritual that usually people do after Ramadhan, which is having a pilgrimage to our ancestor’s grave. 😀 For me, it means pilgrimage to my grandma and my grandpa’s grave. That was located in Bandung 😀 Since pilgrimage must be done by the whole family, so me, my brother and my parents decided to bring my other family to Bandung as well.  This includes my cousins, my aunt, and my nephews. 😀 It was a nice trip. I’m having fun with my nephews (they are two cute little boys X”3) and having a shopping spree with my cousins (low price accessories and clothes :P). 😀 Although we cried at the grave, but overall the trip was nice. 😀

Now.. The second one.. 😀 These days, I suddenly become a cosmetic addict. I forgot from when, but since I bought this one comic book about how do cosmetic thingies (which was a hard thing for me before), I started to interest on experimenting with cosmetic. Besides that, I’m starting to feel that my skin and hair was dry and I have to do some treatment. 🙂

So, I suddenly become a cosmetic shopper. :p I bought a lot of things. I bought a lot of ‘The Body Shop’ product, since it’s one of my favorite brand for cosmetics, such as Morrocan Rose Body Butter, Morrocan Rose  Body Mist, Morrocan Rose Hand and Nail Cream, Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette, Cherry Blossom Hand and Nail Cream, etc. I also start using moisturizer and anti aging facial foam from OLAY for my face’s skin (I believe in Dr. Oz’s word about women at age 25 must start using anti aging products). OLAY’s products was nice and not to hard for my semi-sensitive facial skin. 😀  For my hair treatment, I bought Dove shampoo for damaged hair + L’Oreal hair conditioner and hair mask. Those are my favorite. It makes my hair smooth X”D Fufufu..

Besides all of that, I still have a list about what other cosmetics I want to buy. So much for a cosmetic addict, huh? 😉 Tehehe

The last one! XD Again, these days, me and my mom love to go to a Sunday flea market in my town, Bandung. 😀 It was located at Gasibu (taken from the word ‘gazebo’) , near the town’s chief’s office, and only open every Sunday. You can find a lot of things there, from clothes, toys, food, accessories, fresh vegetables, etc. But my favorite shop was a shop which sells export quality clothes with low price. 😀

As almost everybody know, my country, Indonesia, was one of the biggest producer and exporter of stuffs in the world (besides China).  You can find factories producing ZARA clothes, ESPRIT clothes, etc. But of course, the location of the factory was unknown. Only few know where. The products, after produced at the factory, then exported to the head office country. After a few changes and quality control, those stuffs then distribute again across the world wide. 😀

Sometimes not all clothes was accepted by the head office and rejected. Sometimes there are also to much stock made. These unused clothes, that supposed to be exported, then usually sold in a low price. 😀 But of course, don’t expect for the perfect grade clothes. You can find clothes that have holes, or wrong sewed. But for me, when you can find cute clothes, and sometimes branded, with price lower that IDR100,000, I don’t care about those minor mistakes. 😀 And of course, you can bargain for a lower price 😉 (I bought 4 cute shirts for only IDR110,000 :p)

So, if you’re interested, you can always come to Gasibu and experienced it yourself:D Teehee 😀

Owkaaayyy 😀 I guess that’s enough for today 😀 Too much babbling can kill you :p Hehehe

Jya~ne! 😀


Bena nDR :3


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