Snow in the Dessert

Hyohoooo~!! 😀 Long time not writing here 😀 This time, I want to post my newest illustration. 😀

Like I’ve said before (hmm.. Have I say it or not? I forgot :p ), I love to play pen and paper RPG. 😀 And after a long time hiatus on playing any game, finally, I’m going to play something! XD

The game’s name is Legend of the Five Rings(or usually said as L5R). I played with few friends of mine and my boyfriend as the game master. 😀 It was an old Japanese kind setting game. I played as one of the Crane clan (there are few clans on the game:  Scorpion, Unicorn, Crane, Phoenix, Crab, Dragon, Lion, and Mantis). And as usual, I looove to draw my character 😀

My character’s name is Kakita Miyuki. Kakita is one of the family inside the Crane clan. 😀 They were good at duel. 😉 While the Crane clan itself was a master in artisan, performance, and stuff. And so, here’s how I illustrate my character:

The snow inside the Crane clan

Hahaha.. Long time not drawing anything, so I’m so happy I have the time to draw something. 😀

Hmmm.. I guess that’s all for now 😀 Jya~ne! 😀


Bena nDR


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