Independence Day

Waoooo 😀 Finally! It’s the 17th of August! 😀 What does it meaaan? 😀

It meaaaaannnsss…


Happy 66th anniversary, my dearest country. May God give you everything the best! May this country become a bigger and more stabilized country. Less poverty, less corruption, less bad things and more good things. 😀 Ehehehe 🙂 This year’s independence day was in the holy month of Ramadhan. I hope it means something good for the country. 🙂 Amin.

Too bad this year’s independence day doesn’t feel different then the usual day. No events and no games. Ahahaha. Usually the most known game is sack race and cracker eating. But of course, since this is the fasting month, we can’t eat right?  TwTa I guess the independence day in another country is more solemn. I really wish I can experience it. 🙂

Hahahaha.. Just wanna shout that out 😀 That’s enough I guess 🙂

Jya~ne! 😀



Bena nDR


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