The Call of Nature

Hello 😀 It’s been a long time since I write something in this blog. 🙂 Hehehehe..

This time I wanna write about my camping trip to Mandala Wangi, Cibodas, West Java. Mandala Wangi is one of a famous place for camping. It was located near Mt. Gede and Mt. Pangrango. 🙂 Those two mountains were famous for the waterfall, the ecosystem learning center, and the field full of edelweiss. 🙂 Well, actually, they’re not only famous for those stuffs, but also other things.

My camping trip was from the 1st of July to 3rd of July. I go there with my mom and the staffs from her office (++ their family member). It was my mom’s office’s FAMILY DAY. An annual event where the staffs of the office and their family gather to have a holiday together. 🙂 This year, the theme was to become one with the nature. That’s why we’re having a camping trip. :p

So.. Let’s start 😀


Day 1

The first day of the camping trip. It was Friday. We decided to gather at my mom’s office and depart together to the camping location after the Friday prayer. It’s around 1PM. The traffic was not that bad. Around 5PM, we arrived at the camping location.

The place was nice. There’s a musholla  in the center of a lake. And the tent was attached near the lake. It was nice. 🙂 Back to nature is always nice. 😉 After unpacking me and my mom’s belongings in our tent, we go to have a ginger drink and then take a bath. The water is so cooold! But it was refreshing! X3

Near the tent area, there are few sellers held their ‘stall’. They sell a lot of stuffs. Shawl, hat, beanie hat, muffler, etc. There is also food stall, a siomay (one of our traditional snacks ;3). But what took my interest the most was the beanie hat.

I always want to have a beanie hat. And it’s so hard to find it. TwT So when I found a lot of beanie hat with a lot of colors, I decided to buy it! XD Yeiii!!! My first beanie hat!

And without any recognition, time flies, It’s already night. After praying with my mom, and want to went back to our tent, I accidentally look at the sky. And I was mesmerized. The sky was so beautiful. It was full of stars. I almost can’t believe it, since in the afternoon, when we came, the sky was cloudy. Now I can even see Southern Cross clearly. Thank God.. It’s so beautiful. I only wish I can see it with Ryu. >///<

The next program was a small briefing by the EO about what we will do tomorrow. Actually, we’re supposed to take a dinner first before going to the briefing, but to bad for me and my mom, the food runs out. (=_=;)a But when we say about it to the catering guy, they were helpful and will prepare food for us after the briefing. So, we go to the briefing. 🙂

The briefing only took a short amount of time. The EO shows us video about Mt. Gede and Mt. Pangrango. Then tells us about what to do and what may not do. And then in the end, ask us where we want to go tomorrow.  Before we leave, the EO ask us to get ready at 6AM because there will be a morning exercise.

After that, we go back to our tents. While the others take a rest, me and my mom were having our late dinner. The night was so cold, but also so comfortable. It was so nice. I slept quite well that night.


Day 2

Day 2 started at 4.30AM. My mom woke me up so we can take a bath before the bathroom full with queue. After having an ice cold bath, we’re having a morning prayer. Then after that having a nice cup of tea, while waiting the others awake. 🙂 We wait until 6.30AM, but the EO hasn’t called us yet. Around 6.35AM, there’s a call from the EO, asking us to have a breakfast instead of exercise. (=w=;;)

Today’s breakfast was fried rice and a cup of hot tea. Yummy! X9 After finishing our breakfast, having a nice chat with the others, we’re getting ready to have some exercise (finally). After few games and exercise, the time shows 8AM and we’re allowed to go on hiking. The destination was Cibereum waterfall. And so we go! \(>w<)/

The journey was nice. The trees, the air, the sun, everything. It’s so nice. I also saw few monkeys jumping on the tree. 😀 So cute! \(^w^)/ But of course, it was soooo tiring. X_x My feet was hurt. Since it’s been a long time since I’m having my last physical activities.

But all those tiring feeling was vanished when we finally arrived at the waterfall. We arrived around 10AM. The waterfall was so beautiful. We can see three waterfall falls at the same time. And just like a normal person, me and my mom jumped to the waterfall and played in the water like a little kid. It was nice, fun and refreshing! XD Our clothes were all wet and we don’t bring any spare clothes but we don’t care. (^_^;;)> Like mother like daughter I guess. Tee-hee! :p

After enough playing, we decided to go back to our tent. The way back down was soooooo torturing.. ;_; My leg hurts, my feet hurts, my body tired, etc. Gosh. It feels like I just want to sit and stop walking. The only thing that keep me walking was the thought that how can I go back to the tent if I don’t walk by myself? Since the others are tired too and nobody can help me. So I pushed myself to keep on walking although it gets hurter every time.

Thank God, finally I arrived at the bottom and arrived at my tent. Me and my mom, quickly take a bath and change our outfit. Pray. Then take a lunch.

After the lunch, there’s a program for my mom’s office staffs. Some sort of team bonding kind of game. So, I decided to stay at my tent, trying to make my body relax, and watch my mom and her staffs playing motivational games. It was so amusing. XDDD

Not long, my dad called me and says that he has arrived at Mandala Wangi (my dad was late on following us to the location since yesterday he has an appointment at another city).  So I pick up him, since he doesn’t know the camp’s location. After accompanying my dad lunch (he’s having lunch, not me x_x) and bought few things for my brother and Ryu, we go back to the tent.

And so time flies again. Suddenly it’s already night. We’re having a dinner, a nice one. And after that, a fire camp!  What’s a camp trip without a fire camp? Right?  \(^o^)/ And so, we’re having a nice fire camp while singing, chat, drinking hot ginger drink, and eating steam banana-peanut-yam. The sky was also bright, full of stars. The only thing that’s missing was only Ryu. I really wish he was here.. ;w;

Around 11PM, my body felt hurt and cold. So, after praying, I decided to go to sleep. I’m so tireeeddd… x_x


Day 3

Daaaayyy 3~! The last day of our camping trip! As usual, my mom woke me up at 4.30AM. We took a bath, pray, and have a nice hot tea. This time, I add boiled Indomie to the menu. 😉 Yummy! Indomie with egg and a glass of hot tea in the morning was a perfect breakfast! \(^o^)/ After having a nice tea time, the programs start again.

Today’s program, actually almost the last one, was an introduction about snake. There’s this team from SIOUX (an organization studying about Indonesian snake) that gave us information about snake. Well, the guy gave us nice steps about what to do when we meet a snake, which is: STOP (Silence-Thinking-Observe-Prepare). Silence means don’t move, since snake can’t hear, but they can feel people’s movement.  So how scared we were when we see a snake, don’t move. Screaming is OK since they can’t hear. :p Thinking means think for our safety. Don’t move rashly without thinking, it might get us hurt. ;p Observe means look at the snake. What kind of snake is it? What color? Try to find the characteristic of the snake. Prepare means before anything happens, we have to prepare our knowledge about snakes. Know types of snakes, which on is poisonous or nor, etc. 🙂

The SIOUX guy also said that in my country, less than 10% of the snakes were poisonous. But because of fear, people tend to kill snakes. If everyone killed snakes, then what’s left in the nature? There will be no more snakes, right?

After giving us briefings, finally the SIOUX guy shows us the examples of type of snakes. It was kinda terrifying, especially the king cobra (and the guy kissed the king cobra’s head. crazy.. =_=a) and the spitting cobra. We were asked to stand still and don’t move since if we move, the cobra will chase us. After all the snake showcase, in the end it was the photo session with the snakes 😀 The snake that was used for the photo session was a large yellow albino python. Me and my mom tried the photo session. It’s so heavy. X_x I bet the snake’s weight is around 15kg. :p

Finished playing with the snakes, it’s time for ‘giving to the nature’. The program was to plant a tree at the camp area. We plant around 6 trees. I hope the tree will become a strong tree one day. 🙂

And last but not least, it’s the door prize time. Everyone got one prize. My mom won two size frying pan. 😀 And she got a nickname from her staffs “Mrs. Patient”. Hahahaha XD Yeah, my mom is definitely patient. Although she said she’s not. :p

And so, finally.. It’s the end of the camp. :’) Kinda sad, but we can’t have holiday all the time, right? So, after the bus (which my mom’s staffs use) depart, me-my mom-my dad depart too.

Howaaa… It was a very nice holiday 🙂 Tired, but happy with all those experiences. 😉 And also with those entire beanie hat ❤ I bought 14 beanie hats. Tee-hee! ;p And of course, don’t forget all the picture I took there ;p Hehehehehe… Here’s a few sneak peak of the camp site:

Ehehehe.. Well, I guess that’s all for now 🙂 If you love to hike, or maybe camp, you can try to go here 😉 And maybe you can fell what I feel. Hehehe..  Owkay then. I’m tired. X_x




Bena nDR


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