Sotsugyou, Soshite Mirai e

Huwaaaaaiii~! It’s been a loooong time since my last time writing. :p There are a lot of things happen lately. 🙂

One of the happiest things happen is Ryu’s graduation. 😀 Yep, he finally graduates his Master Degree. 😉 Hehehe.. So, now he has that M.T. title behind his name. 😉 Hehehehe.

Well, I just want to say:

CONGRATULATIONS, DEAR! 😀  You’re the best! 😉 Hope this is the start for everything the best in your life toward the future. 🙂

Hehehe.. :”)

For me, the graduation event, except it’s one of the happiest moments for me, it’s also one of the scariest moments in my life. (=_=;)>  Why? I have to meet Ryu’s family.

ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!! \(>o<)/

Seriously, it was spooky. I have to accompany his sister (which I haven’t met before since I becoming Ryu’s girlfriend, and I’ve heard a lot of her comments about Ryu’s previous girlfriend which he told me), accompany his parents (I’ve met his mother once. But only that one time. I never met his father before), etc. Actually, they’re nice person. It’s just, I was scared that I would do something wrong and give a bad impression to them and they will say “NO” to our relationship. (TTwTT)

Well, what’s done is done. I only hope they see me the way I am and I don’t give any bad impression. This time, I want my relationship to be real. TwT Huuu..

When I ask Ryu, he doesn’t say a thing about his family’s comments. He only said that next time, his family wants to invite his uncle to go to Bandung. Maybe to see me too.


Owkay.. This thing is killing me with the shivers. <(TTwTT) Huuuu…

Ah, well.. Let’s just hope for the best. TwT I guess that’s all for now..

Congratulations for the graduation, dear ❤




Bena nDR


PS: Damn.. I really really need a diet.. TwT I look fat. Totally.. (TTwTT)


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