There She Goes

Long time not writing here πŸ™‚ Well.. This time, I want to write about a girl named Ariyanni.

To be honest, I don’t know her. But suddenly, her name comes everywhere. On the Facebook, on the mailing list, etc. Who is she? Is she an artist? Is she someone famous? Nope. She’s just an ordinary girl from my campus, majoring on Planologi (study of city and planning) year 2008. Β Why is she so famous? I’ll tell you her story..

It started from an e-mail I received from my campus’s mailing list. The e-mail was about request for funding for a girl who has an accident at Jakarta. I thought, maybe it’s just an ordinary accident (car crash or something). But this girl’s story was tragic. She slipped and fell when she just get off the bus. She land on her right feet. Which is a totally no no. The fast wind from the bus’s movement twist her and caused her slipped and fell. Her head bumped on the road. And she got this rupture on her brain’s blood vessels that cause herΒ unconscious. The doctor on the hospital then do some surgery, but it doesn’t help to much. She’s still unconscious and having a coma.

During her coma, there’s this machine attached to her to help her ‘live’. But the price for the machine was very expensive. So her friends trying to find funding for the machine. The girl’s name was Ariyanni.

When I first receive this news, I thought it’s only someone I don’t know. But suddenly, God says different.

My mom said that Ariyanni was planning on having an internship on my mom’s office. But because of some situation, she then worked at my mom’s branch office. And Ariyanni was my mom (and dad)’s junior on their major on the campus (they both majoring on Planologi too).

So, in no time, Ariyanni become one of the ‘trending topic’ everywhere. People praying for her health. Hoping she’ll be okay.

But God has another plan.

On 15th June 2011, she exhale her last breath. And was buried on 16th June 2011. I saw her funeral (IΒ accompanied my mom), and I can only say “Praise the Lord..”. I never saw a funeral with that much people coming. To pray. To say farewell. I bet she was a good girl. πŸ™‚

Goodbye Ariyanni. I hope the best for you. May Allah give you the best place. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s all for now, I guess. πŸ™‚ Jya~ne.


Bena nDR

PS: If you want to know her, this is the link to her blog –>Β


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