You and Me

Ufufufufu~! X”3 I’m feeliiing haaappyyyyy~~~ XD

Yesterday, I’m having a date with Ryu ❤ It’s our 19th month anniversary! X3 Ihihihi.. Few months to our 2nd  year anniversary :p

Although we only have a short time (from 1PM to 4PM), we’re having a nice time :p Walking around, eating nice food (Mie tarik n Matcha-zen ice cream X3), chatting, etc. It makes me realize, how I miss him so much these days. ;//w//;  huuu… But I’m happy I can meet him yesterday >w< And I hope, our relationship can last forever. :”)

Now, he’s back to Bandung. And I’m still in Jakarta. I’ll be back to Bandung around Thursday. So, there’s still few days till I meet him again.. TTwTT I think I’m gonna miss him even more now.. Huuu..

Oh, well.. Still got a lotta work to do now.. Must be patience.. =w=

I guess that’s all for now. 🙂 Must go back to my work. \(>_<)/

Jya~ne! 🙂


Bena nDR

PS: Miss you so much, Ryu :*


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