Honmanyaaaann~~~  😀 Finally after long time no blogging, I can write agaaaiiinnn XDDD *feeling sofree after finishing 1 comic job XD*

Okay.. This time I’ll write about Tobucil’s Crafty Day which I attend at last 24th May. 🙂

What’s Tobucil? Tobucil was a craft shop at my town, Bandung. 🙂 Maybe you can even say that it’s one of the handmade craft center in Bandung. :p U can find knitting yarn, thread, needles, and other stuffs there. With a fair price. 😀 The price there is not that expensive. Since almost all the customer are students. :p You can also find handicraft courses, such as knitting and scrapbooking  there. 🙂 Also with a reasonable price 🙂 If you’re interested, you can see their blog here à http://tobucil.blogspot.com

Okay.. Now you’ve known what is Tobucil, the next one: what’s crafty day? 😀 Crafty Day is Tobucil’s annual event. 😀 There’s bazaar, free course, and talkshow. 😀 It’s an interesting event. And this is my first time coming to this event. 😀 This year, the event was held on 24th-25th May. 🙂

At first I didn’t know there’s this event. I knew it first from one of my favorite online shop, PapayaMango. They put an event invitation at Facebook about this event and saying that they’ll be on the event opening stand. And the next one, my college friend also saying that she will open a stand there. And the most tempting about this event, at the blog, Tobucil wrote about sale yarn for knitting. Woo-hoo!!! I’ll definitely come!!! XD

Actually I was planning on going there with few friends of mine and Ryu. But suddenly, my parents come to Bandung the night before. So I decided to go there with my mom. 😀

The event was small and it’s more like a garden bazaar. 😀 But it’s still fun. Peoples gather from all across Bandung. And they have one thing in common: they love handicrafts. 😀 Just like I do. 😉

Here are few pics that I took during Crafty Day 😀


I found a lot of cute stuffs and all of them are handmade. Thank God my mom came, since I don’t have a lot of money and there’s a lot that I want to buy. >:p *evil smirk* But I guess my mom also having a fun time shopping there. She bought lot stuffs too. (^w^)v It was fun to see handicraft makers from Jakarta and Jogjakarta came to Bandung for the event.

If you’re curious what we (me and my mom) were buying, here’s a few pics of the stuffs. 🙂


Overall the event was nice. I even got a free yarn (because the MC of this event interviewed me and asked stuffs about what I bought). :p A lot of things to buy, so little time and money to spend. :p Hehehe..  Well, I wish one day my mom and I will be there again. But this time we’ll be participating among the sellers. ;p Tee-hee! :p

Well, I guess that’s all for now 😀 Jya~ne! 😀


Bena nDR


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