Can’t Fight This Feeling

Finally, yesterday I finished all my application form to study at Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin. (although, there’s a little bit quarrel between Ryu, me, and the KKG representation in Bandung, since, she suddenly said that the application forms will be sent yesterday-11th of May, while she said I must submit all the letter today-12th of May, and she didn’t give any announcement to me or Ryu that the sending date was changed. GOSH!!! =___=###) Thanks to my mom, my dad, and Ryu who always helps me during the process. 😀 And now.. All I can do is.. Wait. :<

Yup. Only wait. :/

The application form will be sent to Japan to Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin. There, they will process all those files, and then process the visa application to Japan embassy. After that, if I was accepted at the school, they will send an eligibility letter (if I’m not wrong) one month before my date of departure. :3 At that one month, I must prepare the visa, the plane ticket, and all stuffs that I need to live in Japan. 🙂

My schedule was on October. So September will be a busy month for me. If I was accepted.

I really hope there’s nothing wrong with all my letters and forms. \(>___<|||)/

And now.. All my feelings are mixed. Confused, happy, excited, curious, sad, scared, etc. Don’t know why :< Maybe.. This is what you feel when jumped out of your comfort zone.. :’p

Gosh.. I was totally excited. I don’t know is this good or bad, but.. Let’s just hope this is for good 😀 Tee-hee!

Hmm.. Come to think of it.. I must start preparing for NAT test this June! I also got 2 jobs from my lecturer, 2 logo jobs from my friend, 2 illustration and design jobs from another client, and must helping my mom making tasbih and necklace. \(O__O|||)/ AAAACCCKKKKK!!!! No time for being lazy anymore! X’o Uhiks.. TTwTT And a friend of mine just asked me if I want to help him and his friend on his friend’s game studio, Agate Studio, as a 2D artist. Kinda interesting. But I can’t handle full time job now. I can only do part times :

Oh well.. Time to get serious now. 🙂 Time to finish all the stuffs! 😀 Ganbarooouuu~~~!!!! XD

Anywayz, I guess that’s all for now 😀

Jya~ne! :3


Bena NDR


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