The Game

Honmanyaaaannnn~~~!! 😀 Ehehehehe.. Long time no write here. :p Finally got the time to write something. :3 Hihihi

Today I received an e-mail from someone I don’t know. The subject was “Artisan made roleplaying dice”. Hmmm.. to be honest, at first I was kinda curious. Since I’ve received a strange e-mail before and it was a spam e-mail which cause my e-mail sent spam e-mail to other’s e-mail. \(x_x|||)/ Urghhh.. But the subject was toooooo tempting. So I decided to open it.

Thank God, it wasn’t a spam e-mail. I guess. :<

It was an e-mail from a guy named Abraham Neddermann who was a dice creator. He said he got my e-mail since it was publicly available on the net and I have a RPG/boardgame/gaming related blog. And then he introduce who he is and the purpose he wrote the e-mail.

Ahahaha.. Kinda shocked at first but, kinda flattered the next time. :p So I decided to check the blog link he gave me. 😀 he said it was his personal blog. But it has dice related inside. So I checked it. 😀

Waoooowww!!! The dice was totally cooollll!!!

I love how he made The Punisher dice. So cool!! I love it! And I think one day I’ll buy some dice from him. If he have something cute and pink :p But the punisher looks nice too >:) gehehehe..

Besides the blog link he gave me, he also gave me his store link (it’s still on e-bay for a while) -> 😀 And he also game me his catalogue link -> catalog :p If you like roleplaying or boardgame or RPG pen n paper games, you should check it out 😉 Who knows you might found something you like 😀 Tee-hee!

I guess that’s all for now 🙂 Have a nice day all 😀

Jya~ne! :3


Bena nDR 😉

Ps: those dice kinda makes me miss playing the old DnD :p


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