The Man in The Mirror

“If you wanna make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and make a change”

Remember those lyrics? Those are Michael Jackson’s Man in The Mirror lyric. One of the oldies that I love 🙂  Those part of the lyric is nice. It reminds us if we want to change the world, first of all we have to change ourselves. Maybe that’s why I starting to love to write blog (again). 🙂 I hope my thoughts can reach to around the world and make a change. For me and for other people 🙂 Although I know I’m not that good at writing.  But, we have to try, right? 🙂 Hehehehe..

This time’s topic is kind of different from before :p My usual blog entry was about my daily life and easy simple stuffs. But this time I want to write about how I see others in my neighborhood. This is only an opinion, which can be wrong. :p Since I’m also human that can be wrong.

Why I wrote this post? The reason was simple. A simple event that occurs when I want to pray at one of my campus’s musholla.. For people who don’t know, musholla is like a little room or place, where people can do their daily prayer. Usually the men and women are separated. 🙂

So.. When I enter the girl’s musholla, the musholla was full. Few girls are praying making 1 long line and there are 1 or 2 that are waiting for a place to pray. Which then they found an empty place for pray. Now here I am standing behind those girls who are still praying. And suddenly I realized, they’re finished, and few continue praying. But one girl in front of me isn’t continuing her prayer. I thought now I can rotate with her and pray at her place. But.. She only sit and speak to the other girl beside her (which from my point of view, the girl beside her are still praying =__=a) Errr.. Finally, since I don’t get any place to pray, I decided to pray behind them. =__=a That’s first..

The next one, when I finished praying, I found socks near my bag. I don’t know whose socks are those. But I remember in the girl’s musholla there’s always pairs of socks put somewhere on the musholla. Actually, for me it’s kinda gross. And sometimes even smelly.. =__=||| If this is their room, I won’t complain. But this is public place. 😦

And the other time, I found few girls chat with a loud voice inside the musholla and sit at the place where people pray, prevent and disturbing people who wants to pray.

And the worse thing is.. The girl who does that.. Are girls who wears hijab..

When I tell this to Ryu, he said to me, those things never happen at the boy’s musholla. It’s always neat and clean. And usually, people who claim there selves ’Muslim’ (usually have beards and use hanged pants) never do those kind of things. They’re neat and clean and never speak inside the musholla. Especially when others are praying.


To be honest.. I’m not an anti-hijab kind of girl (although I didn’t use it). But all these stuffs that I saw about girl using hijab mostly are negative things. But don’t take me wrong. I also have friends with hijab that gave positive effect to the others. They’re smart, they’re neat, etc.

It’s just.. Maybe I was kinda disappointed. These days, hijab is like.. only a fashion item. I’ve seen a girl using hijab but using a very tight clothes and her underwear can even be seen when she sits. Gosh.. =__=a

Actually.. I don’t even know I write this thing. 😦 Maybe to remind myself for not doing things like that.. 😦 *sigh* Oh well.. Maybe I need to stop right now.. I think that’s all.. :<



Bena nDR


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