Wedding Bell

First of all, just want to say:

Did anyone see the wedding ceremony on the tv yesterday? It was beautiful and elegant. πŸ˜€ I love it! XD Prince Will looks cool with his uniform. And Kate looks beautiful with the simple yet elegant wedding gown. \(>//w//<)/ They really really are a perfect couple! It really is a fairy tale comes to life. And I really hope they will live happily ever after like all those fairy tale πŸ˜‰

But there’s one thing about the wedding gown that makes me think. The design looks similar with Indonesian’s wedding kebaya. At least the upper part. πŸ˜€ With all the ‘brokat’ and laces and the bustier. It really looks similar. When me and Ryu saw it for the first time, we scream out loud “IT’S KEBAYAAA!!!”. But maybe it’s just our feeling, maybe we’re wrong. πŸ™‚

But i love the design. In fact.. That’s my dream wedding gown design (TTwTT)
Since I was a little kid, I always love to see white marie (wedding gown). But in my religion (and in my country), it’s unusual to use white marie on the wedding ceremony. Unless you’re a non moslem, you don’t use white marie for wedding (But that’s only what I see and feel. I might be wrong). A girl like me (which is a moslem javanese girl) usually use kebaya on the wedding ceremony. But I still dreamed to use a white marie. But how can?

So, when I was in the high school (when I started love to draw cllothes design and see fashion magz), I think: “why don’t I make my own wedding gown design?! It’s a modificated kebaya which looks like white marie!” And so, since then, I dreamed to use a kebaya with a modification to look like a white marie for my wedding one day. And I also think, it will be a unique thing! Since I never see it on any weddings around me. πŸ˜€

When I say about it to Ryu, he only laughs and say “It’s impossible. If it can happen, I wanna see it”. And yesterday his jaw dropped since the thing he laugh at is on tv. XD But my next reaction after I laugh at Ryu since he jaw dropped was grumbling. Why? Since my idea was used in a royal wedding. And I’m sure a lot of girl will compete to have a wedding gown like that. And suddenly the idea will be common and won’t be unique anymore. Hiks.. \(QAQ|||)/

Oh well.. Maybe I must find another idea for my wedding gown design.. (TTATT) Hiks.. Hiks..

Anyways.. I guess that’s all for now.. Once again, congrats for Prince Will and Princess Kate ❀

Jya~ne! :3

Bena nDR

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