That’s Not My Name

Hummm… (“=3=) There’s this thing that bugs me these days.. It’s about my name.. (“=3=)

My name is ‘Bena’. Pepole usually call me ‘Bena’, ‘Nana’, ‘Benchu’, ‘Eben’, etc. But these days my parents often call me with a wrong name. =__=a

My dad often call me wit “Jek” which comes from my aunt’s name, his sister, “Jeki”. I usually grumbled when he did that. But suddenly now, my mom did the same too (_ _;;) She called me with my aunt’s name, her bigger sister, “Ten” , which came from my aunt’s nick name.

Buuuu… What’s with my naaaammeee..?? \(>__<)/ It’s not even closed to my real name.. TTATT

Huks.. Huks.. Oh well.. Maybe I just have to accept it.. ;__; But still.. That’s not my name..

I guess that’s all for tonight’s rant.. Jya~ne.. QAQ


Bena nDR (Bena! My name is Bena! Remember that!)


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