Would You Marry Me (Mahou No Kotoba)

Pfew.. >__< Thesse days the word “marriage” was buzzing aroound my head @__@ Gosh.. God spare me.. m(_ _)m

It all started when my mom got an order to make a praying kit for her friend’s son’s marriage. In our tradition, before the marriage, there’s this praying ceremony. In this praying ceremony, the parents of the groom or the bride will gave ‘wejangan’ (eumm.. advice?) to the groom or bride, depends on which family’s praying ceremony. Few people will come to the praying ceremony to pray together for the marriage.Β  An usually, after they finish the ceremony, the family who host the ceremony will give some gift to the people who come. That’s praying kit. πŸ™‚

Since then, the theme “marriage” always come when we chat. Gosh.. That’s the first one..

The second one started when Ryu goes back to his house @Bekasi. Ryu and I was planning on going to Japan this October to continue our study. And suddenly his parents ask a lot of things about our relationship and stuffs. And they suddenly asked him, why don’t me and Ryu married first before we go to Japan. Owkay.. That’s the second one.. x_x

And then here comes the third one.

My ex-lecturer who gave me projects suddenly asked the same thing to Ryu (he’s a friend of Ryu). He asked Ryu why not marry me first before we go to Japan? x_x

And then.. The fourth one..

A friend of mine from the same student activity unit like me and Ryu just married July last year. And their going to haveΒ  baby on December. Suddenly I also heard that anther friend of mine will also have a baby around october or November. And I just like “woaa.. so many babies.. who’s next?” and suddenly a friend of mine (the other one), said to me “why don’t you the next on?”

Owwwkkkaaayyy.. What’s with this marriage thingy…?? =__=a

I want to marry Ryu, but not now. I’m not ready yet. To have a family, to have babies. I still want to be a free single person. 😦 But of course I want to marry him one day.. When I’m ready.. :p

And to be honest.. Although I’m saying that I don’t want to marry now.. I have a ‘dream wedding’ too.. :p I was inspired from my senior in university’s marriage. His marriage has a “sunflower” theme. And it was so cute.

My dream wedding theme was “Hanami” or “Sakura Sightseeing”. Why? Because I love Japan. πŸ™‚ I’m planing on to have a garden party. The time is around 3 PM to 5 PM – tea party time, not like the usually wedding time (lunch time or dinner time). The party invitations will be limited only, maybe around 200 people? 100 for my guest list and 100 for my groom’s guest list. Family and close friend only. But the gift will be more then that. Because I will send it to others :p The color will be full of pink and white. The food will be simple foods and maybe lot of Japanese. πŸ™‚ Guest will be sitting on a round table, so they can have a chat and the won’t be tired. πŸ™‚ Just a simple small wedding. With my close one πŸ™‚Β  Actually, I was thinking of beach as the place, like on Lombok or Bali. But I’m still thinking about the place later. πŸ˜› Tee-hee :3

Owkaaayyy… Enough with the mariage thingy.. :3 Time to back to work :p



Bena nDR


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