Momo no Hanabira

Huwoaaaa..!! I feel like a pink firework explode in the sky! X3 Hehehe.. :3 Yesterday(yesterday..? it’s been a long time since I write this.. Actually the ‘yesterday’ I meant here was 14th of April. But since I’ve wrote this note on my netbook, so I choose to put it here although it’s outdated :p) feels like a firework for me. Everything was shocking, interesting,Β  and fun! X3

It started when I went to Bee Mall, a mall which sells electronic stuffs at Jl. Bungsu. I found out that my fee for a novel cover illustration was paid. Then when me and Ryu strolling inside the mall, I found a cheap 4GB pendrive and a black-pink headphone which once I’m looking for. It fits Oharu well since the colors are alike :p

Then at the evening, I went to see my ex-lecturer. He tells me that my previous comic, which is my project from him, was asked to be a 128 page comic by an editor from one of the local publisher. I say “What???”.

He said that the editor wants to make a motivational comic like Chicken Soup for the soul. And to be honest, I never make one. I only make a comic about slice of life. And both my boyfriend and my ex-lecturer says that a slice of life comic was the same with motivational comic.

And then he asked me if I was interested to make it. Huwooooo~~!! I was like “boom!” andΒ  my heart goes “blam!!” XD I was shocked and very excited with this opportunity. \(>//w//<)/ Hihihi.. And I’ll deffinitely do it! X”3 Yeiii!!

And then after that, he also offers me another project to make a 20 page comic about Paper. πŸ™‚ Well the deadline was near (end of this month), and no payment. But I think it was interesting, since he ask me to make a Larry Gonnick kind of comic, which I never do. It’s an experiment! X3 And it’s always fun to experimenting with different style of comic. ;3

And in the afternoon, I can send my mom a small amount of money to have a coffe time with my dad. My dad was having a birthday last 12 April and my mom wants to take my dad to a coffee shop to celebrate it, but the last spare money she has was used for gasoline for the car, so they can’t go to the coffee shop. So the smallest thing I can do is to gave them a chance :p And I feel happy just by doing it. (^///^)> ehehehe.. Weird isn’t it?

Well.. That’s all for now.. πŸ™‚ Jya~ne! :3


Bena nDR


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