We Could Be Together For a While X”3

Owkeeee.. Long time not writing anything @___@ I promised to write about my date a few days ago.. So here I am :3

The date was 1st of April’11. It’s APRIL FOOL~! XD but this date was no fool ;3 tee-hee! X3

We meet at Pondok Indah Mall around 2PM, since I must accompany my parent to visit the sister from a friend of mom. The rendezvous point was Gramedia bookstore. XD Then we move to Burger King to have a lunch.

Burger King was our most favorite burger stall. As usual, we ate and chat about a lot of things. It’s been 7 days we haven’t met each other. So it was nice to meet him and chat with him. X”3

After we have lunch, we continue it with having a walk around the mall. Nothing specific, just walk. While chat. Well, I was searching for a laptop case, but I can’t find it. But it was no big deal. X3

We then decide to have a rest and have a cup of ice cream. X3 we choose matcha (green tea) flavor. It was yummy! X9 me like it X9 huhuhu

After a little walk again, I decide to went to the hospital where my grandma was hospitalized (it’s my meeting point with my parent). Ryu decided to accompany me to go there. And he accidentally caught by my aunt’s eye. XD it was funny to see his awkward expression ;;)

Well.. And that’s how the date end πŸ™‚ it was fun. But I still miss him. :’p

Hehehehe.. I guess that’s all for now πŸ™‚ Jya~ne! :3

Bena nDR


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