ow kay

Ack! Finally this day come..

The day when I say I can’t finish my ‘so called’ resolution :p

Well.. I can’t even post daily posts, so I decide to cut the resolution to post pic everyday πŸ˜€ but I still took a pic everyday :p ehehe..

Today.. I got a news from my dear friend in Korea.. She said my ex is going to go to Japan.. And I go like.. Wow.. And I just stunned..

Well.. I should be happy.. For him.. But what I can feel is like.. Loss? Sad? Envy? Yeah.. All those kind of feelings.. T___T

Going to Japan is my dream since I was a kid.. To live there and study there.. And one by one, all my friends go there.. And I’m still here.. Feeling like.. Left behind?

Yeah.. Those envy kind of feeling.. Hahaha..

Gosh! Why I become so emotional suddenly.. X’o

Maybe I need sum rest.. G’nite all..


Bena NDR


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