Strawberry Fields Forever

Well.. Hello again :3

Today I won’t say much.. Since I feel very tired (I just arrived from Jakarta Xp).. So maybe I’ll do a little bit of lazy recipe thingy.. Hehe..

Well.. This year’s resolution for me is to end this year in Japan, to have a fat bank account cash and to have a slim body ;p Since my body is kinda fat (height 167 and weight 6xkg), so I must do a little diet here X3 hehe..

My diet (which I’m trying to start this year) is: breakfast like a king (eat full course), lunch like a prince (eat half course), and dinner like a beggar (just a little bit). Because of the diet, I prefer to eat fruits at night. (=3=)>

Noooowww.. Today’s menu iiiiissss.. *drum rolls*
Strawberry Yoghurt. :p (u can see it for yourself in the photo. That’s my dinner)

How to make it? Simple. Just cut few strawberries (and other berries and fruit that you desire), put it on a plate, and pour it with strawberry yogurt (I like strawberry, so I choose this flavor. My BF prefer plain :p). And voila! It’s finish ;D

Very simple, huh? ;p Well.. You don’t have to be a chef to try something ;D

So.. It’s time for me to eat πŸ™‚ bon appetite~<3

Jya~ne! X3

Bena NDR

My dinner :p

My dinner :p


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