Hard Days Night

Okaaayy.. :3

Just like whatΒ  say on the previous post, I was attending [24 Hours Comic] on 2nd of October 2010. Well, the event ended quite well. πŸ™‚ Not all finished the 24 pages comic, but at least I can finished it. πŸ˜€ Although it’s almost the event’s finishing time when I finished my 24 pages comic. X’D Hehehe..

Actually, when I almost finished my comic, suddenly there’s this girl from [BELIA], one of teen’s section on one of Bandung’s local newspaper, [Pikiran Rakyat], come near me and suddenly ask few questions to me and my boyfriend. And after that she took a few pictures from my comic and then go outside the room where I work.Β  Well.. I don’t think that I’ll be on the newspaper.. Since it’s a teen section, while I’m very sure that I’m no teen anymore. πŸ˜›

But on 5th of October 2010, suddenly a few friends of mine say that they see me on the newspaper. At first I don’t believe it. But then, when I buy the newspaper (well.. my narcissistic side wins :P), I see myself on the newspaper. With my comic put on it.

And suddenly I go “Holy ***********!!!! I’m on the newspaper!!!” And after that, I tell all my friends who joins that event too. Hohoho… We’re on the paperrr!!! XD

Actually, I’m kinda curious.. Why do they use our picture anyway.. =w=a But.. Oh well.. :3

This is the picture of the news paper. :3 I’m the girl with the red headphone on the right side of the paper. :3 And the man beside me is my boyfriend. X”3 Fufufu..

Well, it comes with the e-paper too. :3 You can find it here if you’re interested. πŸ˜‰ –> http://newspaper.pikiran-rakyat.com/prprint.php?mib=beritadetail&id=158690

Btw, after few days, suddenly my house maid ask me if I join a comic event, and I asked how did she know. Then she said that it was on the local TV news.

Holy cow.. I’m on the TV too??? That’s crazy.. =w=;a hahaha..

Well.. It is weird indeed.. Hahaha.. ^___^;a

Okay.. I think that’s all for now. πŸ™‚ Good day all! πŸ˜‰





Bena NDR


PS: God.. my English is getting worse.. I’m very sorry.. But I’ll do my best.. >___<


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