Woohoooooo!!! Finaly 2nd of October is only a day away! XD

Why am I so excited about 2nd of October? ‘Coz on that day, an international event will be held I’ll be joining too :3 Well.. It’s not that awesome though.. But I’m very excited. :3

The event’s name is [24 Hours Comic]. It was first bring by Scott McCloud, one of the ‘master’ in comic. :3 He first come with this idea to challenge himself and his friend. And suddenly it started to become an event all around the world every year :3

The idea is to make 24 pages of comic on 24 hours. :3 Sounds crazy and wacko? That’s the point! XD Hahahaha.. πŸ˜€

Well.. I’ve been joining this event on my country for about 4 years.. I join this event for the first time on 2006. And last year there’s no one is hosting this event in my country. But this year there is. :3 So I’m very excited! X3 fufufu..

If you want to know more about [24 Hours Comic] u can see it here –>

Well.. Tomorrow will be fun! Wish me luck, guys! ;3



Bena NDR

PS: Arggghhh!!! Oda Sensei was very meaaaannn!!! X’o why must he cut One Piece there!!! Urghhh!!!! *emo fans mode on*


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