Tiny Tiny Melody

These days things changes a lot.. People come and go in my life..  Suddenly feeling kind of lonely.. :’3

One of my best friend from high school has gone to Japan yesterday.. While my other best friend, actually my ex,  just graduated from the university and will be leaving Bandung soon.. And the comic school where I usually teach comic suddenly decided to close for a while.. My other best friend, from the university, was in Seoul, Korea. Don’t know when she’ll be back. My other high school best friend now working as a doctor in Maluku. And the other will be married and will be living in Singapore after that. And there still more..

Suddenly, I feel like I was left behind. And all I can do now is missing them. And thinking.. “How are they?”, “Are they fine there?”, “Do they miss me the way I miss them?”, and so on..

I really really miss them… ;____; I almost cried just thinking of them..

And then.. Suddenly that question popped on my mind.. “When will be my turn to leave?”

Well.. Actually, I was planning on leaving this country next year. I’m going to take a Japanese language course on Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin, Shizuoka – Japan. Then take a Master degree on Kyoto Seika University. But it was still a plan.  I hope my parents gave me permission to do so, since I’m planning on going with my boyfriend. :”) Well.. Actually, even if I’m not going with him, I still want to go there. It’s been my dream since I was a little kid. :3

So.. Is it next year? When I will be able to leave..? :’3

I don’t know.. But one thing for sure.. Now or then.. I’ll be missing my friends so deeply.. And of course, I’ll be missing my family too.. :’3

But for now.. Let me miss my friends.. :’3

Well.. If they read this, just wanna say.. I miss you all, guys! Atri, Pujo, Widay, Ammy, BAC kids, old UKJ kids, my friends in PL, my friends in 70 high school, my friends in Graphic Design, my friends in MBA, and all my other friends. I miss you all.. :’3

Hmm.. Maybe that’s all for now.. :’3 Jya~ne!


Bena NDR

PS: very sorry for my bad English. Still learning here. :”3


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