The Earth Song

Huf.. After a long time absent writing on this blog, finally I have the time to write something down.

About today, August 26, 2010.. Owkay.. Today was weird.. =___=a Totally weird..

Aproximately at 5.45 PM, the sky above my house and area near it suddenly became dark. Cloudy and dark. I thought it was going to be the usual rainy day like the other day, but suddenly things went strange. Instead of rain pouring, suddenly there is this huge wind coming to my house and near it. The wind is so big. That the trees near my house feels like it’s going to flew. And suddenly it feels chaotic.

Roof tops flew, dust flew, garbage flew, the clouds are crumbling, and there is this line from the clouds like it wants to reach the earth. Well.. After a few minute, finally I realize what is it. It’s a tornado. =___=a

The first thing that comes to my mind is “What the hell??? Tornado?? Here??”. Well, it’s normal to think like that, ‘coz in my country, specially in the city where I live, we don’t have tornadoes. It’s a very uncommon thing to happen. =w=a  Maybe in another city, but not in this city. =___=a

The tornado takes about 15 minutes. And the atmosphere feels very creepy. People are feeling uneasy, kids are crying, and from the mosque near my house I can hear takbir. To be honest, I even think it’s judgement day already. But thank God, after 15 minutes, the tornado is finish.

After everything is okay, I realize my house is a real mess.. =___=a Dust everywhere.. Flying garbage inside my house.. Plants are thrown to other places.. Few of my roof top is missing.. And I don’t know where my cats are.. It happens the same to the other house on the neighbourhood. A lot of my neighbour’s house lose their roof top too. =w=a It’s very chaotic, but thank God, no injured people. >__<

Not long after the tornado finishes, it was time for Maghrib prayer. Since we’re on Ramadhan, we’re breaking our fast first. After that cleaning the house and seach for the cats.

And then, not long after that, my Aunt that lives in different city calls me sayin’that she was asked by my grandma to ask about the situation in my house. She said that the tornado event was on the news. Woooooowww… O____O||| Since the TV in my house is kinda broken, I don’t know the news lately. After knowing that the tornado event was on the news, I search it on the net and found a few info about it, here’s the link (but it’s in Bahasa Indonesia):








And from there, I found few infos that says that the center of the tornado is near my house. And 30 houses were damaged.. Huwaaaaaaa… It’s totally creepy.. Thank God nothing serious really happens.. >____<||| Brrr…

And when I see the weather info for today in this city, it was kinda weird. The humidity is 92% with 0 pressure. If I’m not mistaken, that of course will cause tornado. >____< But I may be wrong. I’m not an expert on weather or meteorology thingy after all..

And suddenly, I was thinking.. Why is this thing suddenly happening in this city..? It never happens before.. And suddenly now there’s a tornado.. =__=a A climate change? Or what..? I don’t know.. But maybe the earth wants to tell something.. =___=a But I wonder what.. Hmmm.. Must think about it.. :<

Brrr… I really creeps me out just to think about it again.. >___< I hope everything will be fine from now on.. Amin. :3

I guess that’s all for now.. Jya-ne~!  Hope you have a nice day.



PS: I’m very sorry for my bad English.. Still learning here.. (^__^;)> Tee-hee..


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