I hate Ramadhan!!! :<

Don’t go mad first and don’t get me wrong. I’m a moslem. But there’s a specific reason why I hate Ramadhan.

In my country, every Ramadhan, kids and youngsters always plays firecracker. I don’t know exactly what is the correlation between firecracker and Ramadhan. =___=a They play it everywhere on the street, so in this month all you can hear is “Buuumm!!!” and “Baaam!!!”, the sound of firecracker. If you think that’s not that annoying to be the reason why I hate Ramadhan, than think first.

Those kids and youngsters play it day and night. When people are praying on the mosque, it can be heard clearly. And oftenly, the youngsters throw firecracker to the streets, to the animals near them (cats or dogs), to the people passing by, and to the vehicle passing by. And when they do it, if they hit their ‘target’ they’ll laugh very hard, without no hard feeling.

If you say why don’t my country make a law that can caught firecracker seller, well.. bad news for you.. There is a law that says anyone who sells firecracker will be put in jail. And nothing really happens. =___=a

*BGM: sound of firecracker outside of my house*

But I also Loooooveeeeee Ramadhan!!! :3

Why? Because in this month the feel is different. (^w^)> Well.. Call me weird, but I love the atmosphere. (^w^)v

In my country there’s this thing called ‘ngabuburit‘. It means spending time before breaking our fast. The people in my country usually spends it outside their house, on the street. Why? Because on the street, there’s a lot of people selling sweets that can be eaten when breaking fast. :3 If not, they usually spend it with their friend or rellatives and after that, they’re having a meal together after that. πŸ™‚ The street will be filled with people whose waiting for Maghrib. :3 I dunno why, but I like that atmosphere. :3 Tee-hee..

So, for me, actually, Ramadhan is a dilemma. I hate it, but I love it. :p Hehe..

How about you? How’s Ramadhan in your country? :3 Happy shaum everyone~! :3



PS: I’m very sorry for my bad English.. Still learning here.. (^__^;)>


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